How are your tax dollars used?

The Cook County Budget for 2021 is $6.92 billion dollars. This money goes towards services for Cook County’s 5.15 million residents. Below is a breakdown of how Cook County receives the $6.92 billion dollars, and how it is spent.

Did you know?

The majority of our spending goes to the Cook County Health and Hospital System, which is also our largest revenue source. Cook County Hospitals work to provide social services and medical care that focuses on treating the person as a whole. Cook County also provides healthcare for 345,000 residents. To find more information about County healthcare, visit here!

Public Safety is the second largest budget item. In the past 5 years, our Cook County Jail population has decreased by 40%. Our juvenile detention population has decreased by 15% since 2017. The Cook County Justice Advisory Council (JAC) provides grants to organizations throughout Cook County working in the areas of Violence Prevention, Recidivism Reduction, and Restorative Justice. These programs work to reduce crime in our communities. The Public Guardian’s Office works to protect our most vulnerable citizens. It has three divisions. The Juvenile Division employs lawyers for abused and neglected children. The Adult Guardianship Division protects adults with disabilities and their estates. The Domestic Relations Division represents children in highly contested custody cases. If you would like to learn more, or know someone who may benefit from the services of a Public Guardian, visit, or call our office at 312-603-6380. 

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Remember: we get what we pay for.